This View Does not Suck

Nearly every morning of the past 70 days spent in our new place, I’ve opened my eyes and marveled at this gift of a view from our master bedroom window: the stark silhouette of our big Oak’s branches against a morning sky that is sometimes gray, often gleaming blue, and today – my favorite! – the fiery gold of a choir of trees serenading us with a reflected sunrise peeking up over the opposite horizon.

Every morning, I awaken to magic out my window and rise with gratitude in my heart. I am thankful for this view (which does not suck). I am grateful for this house, which has so very quickly become home. And I am blessed by this life, which is overflowing with love and beauty.


These two. THESE TWO!!!


A bit of history: J and I waited until we had been dating for nine months before I met his children, and before  introducing our kiddos to each other. Although it was a long time to wait, we thought it very important – considering all four were handling the separation of their respective parents’ in various ways and stages, in their own time – that an introduction be carefully thought out and made after the children seemed at a good place in their healing processes. February 1, 2015 was the target date. By then, all of our kids were aware and quite comfortable with the fact that J and I were dating. And all of us – grown ups included! – were chomping at the bit in anticipation!

Like much of the Magic that seemed to be gracing this New Life of ours, The Fabulous Four got along beautifully from the very beginning, acting as though they’d known each other (at least) a lifetime. But the two littlest girls, who were separated in age by less than 15 months, were incredibly fast friends. The Youngest and The Curly Girl have been pretty inseparable since their first snuggle on the couch (to be precise, during their second meeting, which was a screening of Labyrinth for “treat night”).  Continue reading