These two. THESE TWO!!!


A bit of history: J and I waited until we had been dating for nine months before I met his children, and before  introducing our kiddos to each other. Although it was a long time to wait, we thought it very important – considering all four were handling the separation of their respective parents’ in various ways and stages, in their own time – that an introduction be carefully thought out and made after the children seemed at a good place in their healing processes. February 1, 2015 was the target date. By then, all of our kids were aware and quite comfortable with the fact that J and I were dating. And all of us – grown ups included! – were chomping at the bit in anticipation!

Like much of the Magic that seemed to be gracing this New Life of ours, The Fabulous Four got along beautifully from the very beginning, acting as though they’d known each other (at least) a lifetime. But the two littlest girls, who were separated in age by less than 15 months, were incredibly fast friends. The Youngest and The Curly Girl have been pretty inseparable since their first snuggle on the couch (to be precise, during their second meeting, which was a screening of Labyrinth for “treat night”). z_twisterssnuggle

On our third meeting, we decided to take a nature hike at a nearby waterway. The Curly Girl, foreshadowing her eventual role as one of the “big kids,” protected The Youngest from a gorgeous albeit aggressive swan-monster we encountered on our walk (side note: J got into a little scuffle with the swan a few moments later. This is now a family legend, and will likely be discussed in greater detail at a later time). Since that hike, these two have had so many nature-inspired adventures! Whether it be at a wildlife preserve, camp- or playground, we’ll most often find them exploring and experiencing it together. z_twistersnaturez_twistersplayground

During the months following those first play dates, The Youngest and The Curly Girl had swung, spun, “baked,” run, chased, trashed, played, and splashed their way into each others’ hearts. Our families merged into one household in June 2015; since then, they’ve been pretty much attached at the hip. One day – up to major silliness of some sort as (a.k.a. “status quo”) – the two came out dressed identically after discovering they each owned the same shirt. It was that day (or perhaps very shortly after) that The Youngest and The Curly Girl adopted their very own mutual term of endearment: they were Twisters, of course! Twins, sisters, best friends. All of the Above, my friends.z_twistersdressupz_twisterscheesing

They have so much to teach to and learn from each other. The Curly Girl has more facts (and WORDS!) stored under those precious ringlets than most adults I know, and watching The Youngest absorb and apply that knowledge like the little sponge she is has been thrilling. Having the other as such an important part of “Twisterly” life has been such a blessing for both of them. The Youngest gets to have a built-in best friend without having to go from “only” to “older” like most onlies-becoming-sisters do. The Curly Girl gets the opportunity to be the big kid for once without having to put up with a baby/toddler in the house before she gets a playmate out of the deal. It’s win-win, in so very many ways.


Sure, they do occasionally argue. It’s not sunshine and rainbows EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a good 90% of the time, it’s as though Unicorn Magic molded this friendship from the silliest, smartest, bounciest, most beautiful clay. They share pretty much everything: a room, clothes, toys… even baths! Quite happily, too. Each girl has her own desk and space for her “treasures,” of course. A girl has to have a safe space to keep her treasures. But they have woven the fabric of their individuality together in such a beautiful way; and, a more precious crazy-quilt of sisterhood and friendship I’d dare say can not be found. Their bond is so strong and their love for each other very fierce. On the weekends, when The Youngest is home with me and The Curly Girl is off on adventures with her siblings and mother, a piece of The Youngest seems missing. When they reunite, it’s as though they’ve been separated for months instead of days; so, they get straight to work catching up and filling the other in on what was missed in her absence.


The happiness and love that fills a room when these two rays of joy enter – especially together – is immeasurable. We are so lucky to be in the presence of their special brand of Sisterly Love, and continue to be amazed at how naturally camaraderie came to these Twisters. Not a thing “planted” by either J or myself; yet, it seems a forever friendship has bloomed. I can only hope that their special bond remains, and continues to grow for many years to come.

z_twisterssnuggle2z_twisterseatingIt’s been two years now, which is really quite hard to believe. Not because it’s gone by so fast; rather, because it feels like these souls have known each other many lifetimes, and have embraced the other since The Beginning of Time. Here’s to the smartest, bravest, most beautiful Twisters we’ve even known. May your friendship last an eternity, and may we all be lucky enough to find one as special as the one you crazy girls share.


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