This View Does not Suck

Nearly every morning of the past 70 days spent in our new place, I’ve opened my eyes and marveled at this gift of a view from our master bedroom window: the stark silhouette of our big Oak’s branches against a morning sky that is sometimes gray, often gleaming blue, and today – my favorite! – the fiery gold of a choir of trees serenading us with a reflected sunrise peeking up over the opposite horizon.

Every morning, I awaken to magic out my window and rise with gratitude in my heart. I am thankful for this view (which does not suck). I am grateful for this house, which has so very quickly become home. And I am blessed by this life, which is overflowing with love and beauty.

One thought on “This View Does not Suck

  1. Chrissy says:

    “A choir of trees…”

    So well written – I love it. I think I’ll write a song about it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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