“Because, Unicorns” began as in inside joke between two lovebirds, convinced that magic was the only logical explanation for our initial meeting and the idyllic partnership,along with the never-ending string of impossibly amazing situations and circumstances that continue to unfold before us.

Ms. Unicorn is Mama to one sweet 6 year-old girl, “The Youngest.” Mr. Unicorn and his crew refer to her as “L.”

Mr. Unicorn is Daddy to an amazing crew of three: 7 year-old “The Curly Girl,” 9 year-old “The Boy,” and 11 year-old “The Oldest.” Ms. Unicorn and The Youngest refer to him as “J.”

(You can learn more about the Unicorns, here!)

This blog is an attempt to capture some of our adventures — as parents, people, rock stars, artists, photographers, chefs, DIYers and more! It’s been an incredible ride so far, and we keep taking each twist and turn with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

Climb in, join us, and hold on tight. We’re certainly never letting go…