Meet the Unicorns

Mr. & Ms. Unicorn
unicornssquareAge: mid-30s
Signs: Gemini and Taurus

Fun Fact: Proof that you really CAN find anything on the Internet, we love being surrounded by nature and long for a cabin in the woods someday… after we’re done raising baby Unicorns, of course!

The Youngest
cadysquareAge: 6
Sign: Libra

Fun Fact: The Youngest takes ice skating lessons and also has killer dance moves! She loves numbers and seems to be our math whiz. Her favorite poem is “Peanut Butter Sandwich,” by Shel Silverstein.

The Curly Girl
sophiesquareAge: 7
Sign: Virgo

Fun Fact: The Curly Girl is a voracious reader and is making her way through “The Land of Stories” series. She’s enrolled in the gifted program at her elementary school and loves gymnastics.

The Boy
tobysquareAge: 9
Sign: Libra

Fun Fact: The Boy loves to make up plays and adventures for he and the rest of The Crew to act out. He is sweet and sensitive, and is great at finding  lost or misplaced objects.

The Oldest
joellesquareAge: 11
Sign: Aries

Fun Fact: The Oldest is a scholar of Greek mythology. She takes advanced language arts and math classes at her school, where she also sing in the choir. She is a great Words with Friends opponent!